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  • Andreea Ioana Preda Avatar
    Andreea Ioana Preda
    positive review 
    12/15/2020 - Facebook

    Foarte comode și călduroase! Recomand cu mare drag!❤️

    Teodora Serbanescu Avatar
    Teodora Serbanescu
    positive review 
    8/19/2020 - Facebook

    The most comfortable shoes I've tried in a looong time! The only downside: so hard to decide from all the fancy models and crazy colors.
    The shoes are carefully crafted with quality materials and have a great story behind them.
    Thank you...
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    Claudia Cheveresan Avatar
    Claudia Cheveresan
    positive review 
    8/17/2020 - Facebook

    Lovely shoes with beautiful colors and models!
    I just got my new pair and they are just gorgeous and also very comfortable 😍 ❤

    Stefania Ferchedau Avatar
    Stefania Ferchedau
    positive review 
    7/16/2020 - Facebook

    Great swinging shoes, I treated myself with a green pair of retro beauties. Client service was awesome too !

  • Szilvia Kardos Avatar
    Szilvia Kardos
    positive review 
    7/08/2020 - Facebook

    Just bought a pair of Mirra shoes, fantastic fit and the colour is!! Love them!
    The customer service was excellent and I received ithe shoes fairly soon in the UK. The little tag on the shoes made the purchase more...
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    Iulia Dobre Avatar
    Iulia Dobre
    positive review 
    7/07/2020 - Facebook

    Amazing and more! 😁 The shoes are very comfortable and the colour and the design are great. I don’t even feel them when I am dancing.

    Mădălina Matei Avatar
    Mădălina Matei
    positive review 
    7/07/2020 - Facebook

    Am cumpărat o pereche de pantofi la reducere de la Triple Step. Deși eram în alt oraș și nu puteam proba, mi-au fost trimise două perechi din care să aleg și am plătit curierul doar pentru livrare, nu și retur.... read more

    Luciana Baicea Avatar
    Luciana Baicea
    positive review 
    10/22/2019 - Facebook

    Awesome shoes, they're the almost living proof that aesthetics and functionality can meet and make a person happy. The colour and the design are definitely the ones i fell in love with first, but I later came to understand that... read more

  • Iulia Talmaciu Avatar
    Iulia Talmaciu
    positive review 
    10/01/2019 - Facebook

    It was love at first dance and it seems that they know to dance with or without me 😀
    The leather it’s like my second skin and there is a wide colour portofolio to choose from! To buy them or not...
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    Monica Onuţu Avatar
    Monica Onuţu
    positive review 
    7/22/2019 - Facebook

    Carefully crafted leather shoes that fit nicely and come in many awesome colours. Just bought my first pair and am already thinking of what the next shade will be 😀

    Alina Cîrneanu Avatar
    Alina Cîrneanu
    positive review 
    7/04/2019 - Facebook

    Absolutely awesome! Leather sole, makes you fly, shape fits your foot perfectly, very comfortable heel, awesome collection of colors. It's a must have to both shine on the dancefloor (be it swing or not) and to style your outfits.

    Sandra Banescu Avatar
    Sandra Banescu
    positive review 
    7/04/2019 - Facebook

    Thank you very, very much! very comfortable, fit, beautiful leather shoes! ❤

  • Teo Mucha Avatar
    Teo Mucha
    positive review 
    7/04/2019 - Facebook

    Great shoes and cool colors! Super confortable even for someone who is not used to wearing heals! I love them!

    Miha Mo Avatar
    Miha Mo
    positive review 
    6/29/2019 - Facebook

    Super cool leather, high comfort, outstanding service!😍

    Florina Hetrea Avatar
    Florina Hetrea
    positive review 
    6/28/2019 - Facebook

    Perfect fit, excellent quality and very quick delivery. Thank you so much! 💜

    Sonics Dias Avatar
    Sonics Dias
    positive review 
    6/28/2019 - Facebook

    Amazingly beautiful and amazingly comfortable! I dance wearing them hours in a row without having my feet tired or hurt! A must have for sure! Congrats @Triple Step for the outstanding shoes! 💛💛💛